Construction Zone Injury

A Construction zone is an environment characterized by noise, smoke, sparks, and inherent danger. This necessitates the employment of qualified workers and adherence to numerous rules and regulations regarding barriers, protective gear, and authorized passage. Despite the safety measures, accidents leading to injuries can still occur.

If you find yourself a victim of a construction zone injury

You have the right to collaborate with a knowledgeable attorney and initiate a personal injury claim against the responsible party’s insurance. Our team at Essa, Janho, & Associates possesses the expertise and compassion required to handle such intricate claims involving construction zones and is ready to manage your case effectively.

Legal Responsibility of Workers in a Construction Zone

Active construction zones are highly regulated and pose significant risks. Property owners bear the legal duty to ensure the safety of themselves and passersby, including pedestrians and drivers. Failure to meet this duty by engaging in negligent or reckless behavior places those navigating the zone at risk of accidents or injuries. Examples of negligent conduct by construction companies include:

  1. Lack of proper training
  2. Failure to clean up the site adequately
  3. Not marking off the construction zone
  4. Abruptly stopping traffic
  5. Unsafe execution of tasks
  6. Hiring unqualified employees
However, drivers and pedestrians also share the responsibility to exercise caution.

Georgia’s Official Code Section 40-6-188 mandates a lower speed limit in construction zones to reduce accident risks.

Georgia follows a modified comparative negligence law, allowing you to recover damages even if partially responsible for the accident, as long as your liability is not 50% or more. For instance, if speeding in a construction zone with negligent workers, you may file a claim for damages with the other party’s insurance.

Assistance from a Dedicated Attorney

The team at Essa, Janho, & Associates is committed to guiding you through the process. We will handle legal aspects, collect relevant information, establish liability, and file your claim. Additionally, we will manage all communication and negotiations with the insurance company. We will fight to secure the maximum damages for your injuries, including economic, non-economic, and punitive damages where applicable.

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