Entrapment Defense in Georgia

Entrapment in Georgia

In Georgia, there is a multitude of legal avenues that can find a person not guilty of a crime they committed. One of the most misunderstood avenues is entrapment. Attorney Julie M. Essa and Attorney Noor Elizabeth Janho offer over a decade of criminal defense. If you find you’ve been charged guilty for a crime a “government officer or employee” convinced you to make, our legal team is here to help. 

Entrapment Defense in Georgia- Attorney Julie M. Essa- Atlanta, Georgia

What is Entrapment? 

In the state of Georiga, entrapment is found in a case if; “his/her conduct is induced or solicited by a government officer or employee, or agent of either, for the purpose of obtaining evidence to be used in prosecuting the person for the commission of the crime.

Entrapment exists when the plan to commit a crime originated with an officer or employee of the government and he or she persuaded and induced the accused to commit the crime which would have not been committed except for the conduct of such officer.” O.C.G.A. §16-3-25 

When stating entrapment in a case, the criminal defense team must prove that the accused would not normally commit the crime. This means that the “government employee or officer” pressured or persuaded the accused into making a decision, that they would not be predisposed to make otherwise. 

Entrapment Defense in Georgia- Attorney Julie M. Essa- Atlanta, Georgia

The Defendant Must Admit to the Crime

The accused must admit to the commission of the crime; this is the ONLY way that entrapment can be used to raise the defense in the case. “The theory behind entrapment defense is to deter government conduct that entices innocent persons to break the law.” Once the defense can prove entrapment, the accused is justified in committing the crime. 

If you or a loved one believe the entrapment defense can apply to your Atlanta area criminal case, call our office immediately. We have over a decade of criminal defense experience at The Law Office of Essa, Janho & Associates, LLC. and know-how to determine and present your best defense in the case of entrapment.  

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