Summer can bring Unexpected Dangers

Summer is almost here!

Especially near the I-75/ I-85 Downtown Connector, traffic is the busiest during the summer months.  Sunny days send people out to enjoy nature, whether that is to the lake or out for a ride on the motorcycle.  On the top of the seasonal increase, holiday weekends, such as Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July, mean even more traffic and accidents.

Since there is more traffic, there are more accidents in the summer. The summer is when the largest amount of fatal car accidents occur.  Don’t let a car accident ruin your summer, here are some hidden dangers summer presents and ways that you can avoid having your summer ruined by a car accident.


Summer Weather 

Summer storms are synonymous with summer in Georgia.  Heavy rain, thunder, lightning and even hail are hazards when driving.  Dangerous weather creates even more dangerous driving conditions by decreasing visibility and making road slippery.

Before summer starts, make sure to have your car serviced for these unique circumstances.  Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition.  Check your tires to make sure the tread will create friction when driving on the road.  Check your lights to make sure they can help you see during inclement weather.

When driving during summer storms, make sure to leave extra room between you and the car ahead of you. If the rain impedes your visibility, pull over and wait until the storm passes.



Extreme heat also contributes to increased risk of driving in the summer. Your engine is at a higher risk of overheating and you can get dehydrated quickly. Be sure to pull over if you notice your engine heating up and remember to always carry water with you in case of an emergency.

Extreme heat can also cause tire blow outs. Hot weather causes the air in your tires, among many other things, to expand.  If ignored or gone unnoticed this can lead to a blowout in worn tires. It is crucial that motorists inspect their tires on a regular basis during the summer season. Proper car maintenance and tire monitoring can prevent a blowout and potential tragic auto accident.

If you are driving behind transfer truck, their tire blow outs can prove to be a danger to you as well. Be vigilant and watch your surroundings, in case of another’s driving misfortune.



Motorcycles create an increased risk for both the driver of the bike and for surrounding drivers.  Since a motorcycle is both smaller and easier to cause the rider to lose control when being clipped or hit by a car or truck, the majority of bike accidents are often the result of driver negligence. A car or truck driver may easily miss seeing the bike when switching lanes, becoming distracted by a phone call, heavy traffic, road construction lane changes, or in making a turn off the roadway. Being thrown from a bike usually results in serious injury that may be life-altering, cause a serious head injury, or death.

If you drive a motorcycle, wear bright colors and protective clothing. Summer may seem like a good time to break out shorts and tank tops, but if you choose to ride a motorcycle, wear thick jeans and a protective jacket. If you get thrown from your motorcycle, your clothes can protect you from road burn and other injuries.

If you are driving another vehicle, watch out for motorcyclists. Since they are smaller, it is easier to miss them before merging, changing lanes, or turning.



Road construction seems never-ending especially in Metro Atlanta. The warm weather is a traditional time for construction, so it is important to be extra cautious. You do not want to injure another motorist, a worker, or yourself. Additionally, injuring a construction worker can be met with severe punishment and speeding in a construction zone is punishable with extremely expensive fines. So, remember to slow down, and watch out for construction workers.

Teen Drivers

School is out for the summer! But this also means more teen drivers will be on the road. In fact, teen drivers are involved in more car accidents than any other age group. Their lack of driving experience and questionable judgment, unfortunately, presents a greater danger for the rest of us. Remaining alert and driving defensively can help prevent these types of accidents.


Vacationers increase traffic flow as they travel long distances. Firstly, they may not be as familiar with the road as you are. You drive in Atlanta traffic daily, whereas they are do not. They likely are driving for a longer time, so fatigue may creep upon them. They also will likely have children in the car, who may be distracting them as they drive.


If you get into a car accident this summer, call Law Office of Essa, Janho & Associates, LLC. We can help you get the compensation you deserve!