Summer is here!

It’s summer! For kids, that means it’s time for some fun in the sun.  What kid doesn’t look forward all year to swimming at the pool, playing ball at the park, or riding their bike around the neighborhood?

But with great playtime comes great responsibility.   Emergency room visits always increase in the summertime, especially for children.  In fact, half of all fatal injuries among children in the U.S. occur during the three summer months.

The best way to be sure your child is playing safely is to always supervise them.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always practical.  But there are some measures you can take to reduce the risk of serious injury for your kids this summer.

At Essa, Janho & Associates, LLC, helping individuals and families deal with serious personal injuries is our stock and trade.  We’ve represented thousands of cases over the years, including many involving children.  So read on to find out our top 7 tips to make sure your kids have a fun and safe summer.

Top 7 tips to keep your children safe this summer

1. Life vests at the pool for weak swimmers

Many accidental drownings occur during the summer.  While your family relaxes in the pool, on the beach, or at the lake, accidents can still happen.  Be sure that young children and inexperienced swimmers wear life vests and stay close to a buddy.

2. No swimming without supervision

Do not leave your children alone near a body of water for any length of time – even momentarily.  It is best to swim only in areas where a lifeguard is present, or where you can watch your children closely.

3. Stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke

Heatstroke is another common cause of illness in young children during the summer.

Keep your children safe by following these three rules to avoid overheating:

  • wear loose, lightweight clothing;
  • drink a lot of water;
  • take frequent breaks to get out of the sun.
4. Keep young children away from open windows

Many children suffer injury when they fall from windows while playing. Keep in mind that the screens on windows are designed to pop out in case of emergency and are not enough to stop a small child from falling out.

5. Going on a road trip?

Make sure that your child sits in a car seat or booster seat appropriate for their age and weight, and always stays properly buckled.

6. Helmets and protective gear for adventurous kiddos

If your kids enjoy outdoor activities like bicycling or skating, ensure that they wear a helmet and protective gear. In addition to a helmet, wearing elbow pads, knee pads, and sturdy shoes can help keep your children safe.

7. Practice safe pedestrian rules

With more people out walking in the summer, there are always more car accidents involving pedestrians.

  • make sure your kids
  • wear brightly colored clothing
  • walk on the sidewalk
  • cross the street at designated crosswalks
  • keep an eye out for signals and turning vehicles.

To keep young children safe, an adult should go with them while crossing the street. And as always, look both ways before crossing the street.


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