Top Tips to Avoid Accidents in Georgia

How To Avoid Accidents in Atlanta

Avoid Accidents in Atlanta Georgia- Julie M Essa Car and Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta Georgia

As a Law Firm that specializes in Accident Cases in Marietta, we have seen many horrible and even fatal injuries. Since Car and Truck Accidents are on the rise in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, we put together some tips about how to avoid accidents and where in Georgia to be particularly careful on the roads and highways.

9 Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

  1.  Pull into traffic slowly.
  2.  Watch for red light runners.
  3.  Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.
  4.  Watch for kids.
  5.  Perform engine maintenance regularly. 
  6.  Scan 12 seconds ahead.
  7. Look backward when backing out.
  8.  Do not tailgate. 
  9.  Be courteous to other drivers.

Avoid Accidents in Atlanta Georgia- Julie M Essa Car and Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta Georgia

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Avoid Accidents on Georgia Interstates

With heavy traffic, congestion, and large volumes of commuters at nearly all times of the day, the Interstate freeways in Georgia certainly have a reputation for being dangerous places to drive.

According to our data, the danger of the interstate freeway holds some credence. Of the 57 deadly roads segments we’ve pinpointed, 26 are sections of interstate freeway.

  • The four deadly stretches we identified along Interstate 285 accounted for nearly 87 percent of all fatal crashes on that highway.
  • In terms of quantity, Interstate 75 tops the list with 11 stretches of highway, totaling 75 fatal crashes and 78 fatalities across 60.6 total miles – accounting for over 52 percent of all fatal crashes on I-75.
  • Just over 36 percent of all fatal crashes on Interstate 85 occurred across the four stretches we identified. Additionally, the deadly stretches on I-85 had the highest percentage of drunk driving fatalities – a third of its total fatalities were attributed to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Avoid Accidents in Georgia Cities

Avoid Accidents in Atlanta Georgia- Julie M Essa Car and Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta Georgia


A 3.73-mile stretch of Old National Highway tops the list in fatal crashes and fatalities with 12 each, but the most deadly length is a small section of Interstate 20 located northwest of the Summerhill neighborhood. Although this stretch recorded just 5 fatal crashes and 5 fatalities, at just 0.98 miles, it has the highest fatal crashes per mile in Atlanta with 5.10. Additionally, of those fatalities, 60 percent were drunk driving-related deaths – the highest percentage of any of the stretches we analyzed in the entire state.


Despite being the second most populous city in Georgia, Augusta only had 2 deadly stretches of highway with 5 or more fatal crashes: a 1.29-mile length of Mike Padgett Highway and a 2.42-mile stretch of Gordon Highway. Each produced 6 fatal crashes and 6 fatalities, giving Mike Padgett Highway nearly twice the fatal crashes per mile (4.65) compared to Gordon Highway (2.48) – and making it the stretch with the second highest fatal crashes per mile on our list.


Savannah contained 3 deadly stretches of highway, totaling 19 fatal crashes and 20 fatalities across 13.07 total miles. Although a 5.96-mile stretch of Abercorn Street had the highest amount of fatal crashes and fatalities at 8 each, a 2.82-mile length of Interstate 516 had the highest fatal crashes per mile, at 2.13.


According to our data, Athens did not record any stretches of road with more than five fatal crashes. However, a stretch of Jefferson Road is close, with 4 fatal crashes and 5 fatalities. Although that just missed our criteria, it’s worth noting that these collisions were concentrated in a tiny section of road spanning just 0.36 miles. By our calculations, that’s an incredible 11.11 fatal crashes per mile – more than twice the highest fatal crashes per mile of any other stretch on our list. That is certainly a stretch worth investigating further.


Macon is home to 5 deadly road lengths totaling 21.98 miles. These stretches recorded 31 fatal crashes, 37 fatalities, and 5 drunk driving deaths. For comparison, Augusta has more than twice the population with less than half the fatal crashes and fatalities.

A 3.34-mile stretch of Pio Nono Avenue had the most fatal crashes and fatalities with 8 and 10, respectively, while a 2.38-mile length of Houston Road had the highest fatal crashes per mile with 2.94.


Although Decatur has a population of roughly 23,000 Georgians.  Unincorporated Decatur (several surrounding zip codes use the name Decatur) encompasses a larger area and population.  Still, 7 deadly stretches of road were found in Decatur, all of which are located in unincorporated Decatur – second only to Atlanta. Totaling 37.12 miles, these stretches accounted for 47 fatal crashes and 51 fatalities.

The deadliest stretch in postal Decatur? A 1.42-mile stretch of Wesley Chapel Road which recorded five fatal crashes and seven fatalities, 3.52 fatal crashes per mile.

The postal Decatur area also recorded 16 drunk driving fatalities – about 31 percent of total fatalities. By comparison, just 19 percent of Atlanta’s fatalities were attributed to drunk driving.

Avoid Accidents in Atlanta Georgia- Julie M Essa Car and Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta Georgia

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