Personal Injury Law Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


When Should I Hire A Personal Injury Law Attorney After A Car Accident?

Has estado en un accidente de coche, camión o motocicleta en el área de Atlanta que no fue tu culpa? ¡Podemos ayudar! ¡Te mereces el mejor abogado de accidentes a tu lado!

If you have been injured as a result of a car accident you should hire an attorney as soon as possible after the accident occurs. One of the first steps of your case will be to find key witnesses and get statements. The timing of this is important as the more time passes the fewer witnesses remember about the accident.  In addition, the statute of limitations in Georgia for personal injury is two years meaning that if two years have passed since your injury then you can no longer recover damages. (exceptions may apply) The sooner you have a qualified attorney after your accident, the better chances you have of recovering money for your damages.

How do I know I have a Case?

If you are asking yourself this question, then you most likely have a case. However, consultations are not all equal. Attorney Julie M. Essa is passionate about helping potential clients and offers free consultations so you can discuss the details of your potential case with Attorney Julia Essa or Attorney Noor Janho with no charge. In fact, even when we determine that you have a case, you do not pay for anything until you win a settlement.

If you have been injured and need medical care as a result of the accident or if there is a dispute of liability in the accident, you will likely need an attorney to settle the dispute and to guarantee you get the money you deserve.

How should I choose a Personal Injury Attorney?

The attorney should be successful in cases similar to yours. You need an attorney that understands the complex nature of your case who is willing to spend the extensive time and energy to work to get you the best outcome possible. You should also feel comfortable with your attorney and trust them so that you feel you can discuss every aspect of your case with them.

Prior to opening her own law firm, Julie Essa owned a medical billing company. She learned the complex maneuvering necessary to deal with insurance companies and healthcare providers then and she applies that knowledge to her cases today. Attorneys Julie Essa and Noor Janho consider their law firm a small family and they treat all of their clients as such. Their proven track record shows they have what it takes to handle your personal injury case and their client’s return rate shows that you can trust them.

If you take my case, what is next?

Once Attorneys Julie Essa and Noor Janho have taken your case, your interests will be protected. This includes informing insurance companies and other parties that you are represented by us, redirecting all communication. You should no longer get calls from insurance adjusters and can focus your time and energy on healing not worrying. We will then work with you to create a detailed demand letter based on your medical records. This is the best way to avoid a lawsuit and many of our cases settle after this stage. We will however file a lawsuit if it is in the best interest in for you, our client.

How much money can I get for my accident?

This depends largely on the nature of your accident. But you can recover for any property damages that occur, any medical expenses you incur, and wages lost due to your injuries. Attorneys Julie Essa and Noor Janho are the best lawyers to ensure that you recover the most money possible for the damage to your vehicle and injuries you suffered.

What if I was partly at fault for the accident?

In Georgia, you can recover damages only if you were 49% or less at fault as compared to the other party. If you are determined to be the most at-fault party, meaning 50% or more at fault, then you may not be able to recover damages. This can be confusing, and you could still need representation to navigate this process. Talking with an attorney can help answer some of these questions about your specific case.

How long does it take to get a settlement check?

While Attorneys Julie Essa and Noor Janho are the best lawyers for personal injury cases in Marietta, there is no set timeline or guarantee for a settlement. Our first priority is making sure that you get the help you need to recover and heal. Once you are healthy, we will make sure that your expenses are paid by the insurance company.


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